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Complete management of R&D projects

Electronics, firmware and mechanics

We will design a complete electronic device for you or participate in any design stage. The development and testing process will be defined to your business needs. We will work with your team in the way that fits you best.

Sensors, algorithms and signal processing

Applying Maths of Physics theory to the real world is one of our favourites. Choose us if you need to work with sensors, process signals or develop algorithms. We will use Matlab to work on the theory and transfer it to the desired platform, from embedded processors to cloud machines.

GSM, data delivery and the cloud

Working on remote IoT devices makes us be in our element. We are the team to hire if you want low-power, robust and flexible devices connected to the cloud. We will safely deliver and store your data to our AWS platform, where you can access it via easy API.

Commercialising and moving to production

If you want to ensure that you will get the most out of your product and that the manufacturing and operations will be smooth, call us. We understand that there is a big difference between designing prototypes in the lab and making a commercial and functional device working in the field.

Fast PCB prototyping

Do you have to have a PCB prototype done in two weeks for a competitive price? Please check our pricing and lead time. We will help you to get this moving as soon as possible.

Supply chain issues

If you are facing supply chain issues and require redesigning your device, we can help. We will improve the design to become more robust to the turbulences in the semiconductor industry. We will also help you define your operation and procurement processes to reduce related risks.

Product costs optimisation

Do you need to make more profit with your device? Let us decrease the manufacturing cost so much that the project will pay for itself, and the product will generate significantly more gross profit for you.

Business consultation

Are you building your R&D team and need help figuring out where to start or estimating the required investment level? Do your processes need improvement? Or do you need help building operations and assessing operation costs for your IoT-related service? We can answer those questions for you.


Call us if you need any help with passing certifications. Often, it is essential to start considering this part before the first design steps.

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Let us talk through your business needs

Our extensive experience in electronics product development paired with business acumen will give you the highest quality product on time and within budget.

We will give you more business value than the money you pay for it - it's that simple!

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