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Trust and confidentiality

We always respect the confidentiality and work we do for our clients. This is why the most exciting things we could brag about are hidden behind NDAs. Nevertheless, we would like to show projects and technology whenever possible.

GSM to AWS solution

The future is IoT, but what does it mean?

Engineers may argue about how technology will shape tomorrow, but there is one thing everyone agrees on - every year, more data will be generated, sent and processed in the Cloud.

That is why KAFTS Technologies specialise in collecting, processing and delivering data to AWS over GSM. Our robust, end-to-end technology solution is all you need when working with remote IoT devices. It will reduce the risk of high operations and maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Picoammeter and variations

Designing an instrument to measure very low electric current has a few challenges.


Here, at KAFTS Technologies, we have decided to undertake the task of investigating the possibility of designing a cost-sensitive, digital DC picoammeter. The result was very positive.


We developed a battery-powered, digital, low-cost device with an easy user interface and auto-calibration functionality. We sold hundreds of those devices and made a few customisations. It has found applications in molecular biology, spectrometry and nuclear research, fascinating disciplines.


Some biomedical sensors generate small amounts of AC signal. An example would be a device used to measure tunnelling currents in DNA sequencing. To enable research on such detectors, one of our clients required a sophisticated analogue front-end oscilloscope probe. The necessary sensitivity was down in picoamperes with at least 1kHz bandwidth. 

After a few months of work, KAFTS came out with a prototype to support such research. What is the most surprising, is that among many challenges, the most difficult was the problem of dealing with 50Hz grid noise. 

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Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex Shedding is a phenomenon in fluid dynamics where an oscillating flow appears during specific conditions. Vortex Flow Meter use this anomaly to measure the liquid flow. The characteristics of such a meter are nonlinear and involve many environmental and fluid parameters.


KAFTS Technologies and one of the National Engineering Laboratories managed to characterise such a sensor for one of our clients. The scope of work included electronics design, firmware development, and inventing a methodology for fast and reliable calibration. The results showed that the accuracy exceeded expectations after implementing a complete flow sensor model in the firmware.

RF Smart Relay

All technology industries and the housing market require electrical installations. The wiring costs and labour needed to lay all cabling are often not insignificant.


To enable more straightforward, faster and cost-efficient installations, KAFTS Technologies developed a secure wireless relay. The new device can substitute cables in many buildings by implementing AES-128 encryption, a flexible RF interface, and easy configuration. The RF protocol is designed to be unbreakable, literally. You can only hack it if you have a powerful supercomputer and millions of years of spare time.


Wireless Flood Detector

Flooding water can cause more damage than fire, not to mention a permanent dump which could enter the building. Of course, it isn't easy to control the weather, but you can control the human factor. Damaged pipes and valves left open cause a significant percentage of floods.


KAFTS Technologies Wireless Flood Detector helps to avoid such situations. After detecting a leak, it disables the main valve for a building or its section. It is fully automatic, with ten years of battery life for each wireless sensor.


We have done some exciting signal processing development for one of our clients, where we were working with ultrasound signals. Everything was wrapped around a low-power, remote IoT device.


In addition, strict commercial requirements made this project one of the most challenging, with enormous commercial perspectives.

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GPS tracking

Every day, more and more things are trackable. The difficulty comes when there is a requirement for remote tracking around the whole country, contingent or ever the world.


There is no other choice but to go with the GPS, and we have done that many times.

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