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KAFTS products

Digital Picoammeter with USB Data Logger

The picoammeter is a battery-powered device (4xAA) capable of sampling the current value once per second and sending the results over 2.4GHz RF to a USB data logger. It provides three modes of operation, each utilising different sensing resistor values and providing three current measurement ranges. The maximum error of 2%+2 and the device's competitive price make it the ideal choice for cost-sensitive projects. Its self-calibration functionality assures that accuracy is always within the boundaries, even after years of device duty. The USB data logger is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems. The log size depends only on the available space on the computer connected to the USB data logger.


Our device has already found applications in molecular biology and spectrometry, fascinating disciplines! We also want to thank the Physics Open Lab for the fantastic review. We are happy that our picoammeter is a part of such a great laboratory!




Bluetooth Edge - Bluetooth to MQTT bridge

The Bluetooth Edge is a USB-powered device which scans for Bluetooth advertising packets and forwards them to the MQTT broker over the Wi-Fi. Each MQTT message includes information in JSON format, describing the received Bluetooth advertising packet (time of arrival, RSSI, advertising type, address type) and the data it contains (address, advertising data). The following configuration parameters can be set over the USB COM port: WLAN SSID and password, MQTT server, port, keepalive, QoS, user and password. Each manufactured device has a guaranteed unique identifier contained in the MQTT topic.


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Voyager - truly instant embedded cloud solution

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