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KAFTS products

Digital Picoammeter

Designing an instrument to measure very low electric current has a few challenges. Here, at KAFTS, we have decided to investigate whether creating a cost-sensitive, digital DC picoammeter is possible. We have set an additional objective: the sensing resistor resistance shall be as low as possible. This goal is challenging due to thermal noise, which raises proportionally to the square root of resistance. With the higher resistor value, the useful signal-to-noise ratio is better for a given electric current value. Nevertheless, the drop voltage is less significant thanks to smaller resistance, making the device more beneficial with specific transducers. The result was very positive. We developed a battery-powered, digital, low-cost device with an easy user interface and auto-calibration functionality. Our device has already found applications in molecular biology and spectrometry, fascinating disciplines! We also want to thank the Physics Open Lab for the fantastic review. We are happy that our picoammeter is a part of such a great laboratory!


Device Parameters:

Mode 1

> Resolution: 1 pA,

> Range: +- 500 nA

> Sensing Resistor: 1 MOhm

> Voltage Drop: 1uV / 1pA
Mode 2

> Resolution: 1 nA

> Range: +- 500 uA

> Sensing Resistor: 1 kOhm

> Voltage Drop: 1uV / 1nA
Mode 3

> Resolution: 0.1 uA

> Range: +- 50 mA

> Sensing Resistor: 10 Ohm

> Voltage Drop: 10uV / 1uA

Error: +- (2% + 2)
Reading frequency: 2 Hz.
Maximum reading stabilization time: 10 seconds.
Operating temperature range: 10 - 30 Degrees Centigrade.
Operating humidity range: 20% to 60%.
Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm x 26 mm.


Bluetooth Edge - Bluetooth to MQTT bridge

The Bluetooth Edge is a USB-powered device which scans for Bluetooth advertising packets and forwards them to the MQTT broker over the Wi-Fi. Each MQTT message includes information in JSON format, describing the received Bluetooth advertising packet (time of arrival, RSSI, advertising type, address type) and the data it contains (address, advertising data). The following configuration parameters can be set over the USB COM port: WLAN SSID and password, MQTT server, port, keepalive, QoS, user and password. Each manufactured device has a guaranteed unique identifier contained in the MQTT topic.


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Voyager - truly instant embedded cloud solution

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