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Your on-demand R&D department

KAFTS Technologies provides on-demand research and development services, encompassing electronics, firmware, software, cloud, and more.

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Take advantage of a team of professionals with minimum overhead costs and time investment.

We are the first choice for companies searching for low-risk, turnkey service within our fields of expertise. It is enough if you bring the idea - we will do the rest.


Electronics and products

Cloud and databases

Compliance and certifications


Fast PCB prototyping

Firmware and software

Algorithms and signal processing


Supply chain issues

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You receive top-quality R&D services and complete project management per your business and finance strategy.

We will ensure you get the best solution, long-term support, thoughtful architecture and efficient processes.

Developing electronic products and cloud systems is an expensive and high-risk journey. Without a proven team, it may end in a sub-optimal result. Working with our company reduces complexity and risk, at the same time optimising your timescales and budget.


KAFTS Technologies provides all the design and project management support in our fields of expertise. By working with us, you will have access to engineers, project managers, business and legal advisors, and a broad experience in product commercialisation and marketing strategy.


We will enable you to focus on your core business while having the confidence that your product is being developed seamlessly. With our help, entrepreneurs can bring their ideas to the real world.

Partners and Clients

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Tools and Technologies

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Reduce the complexity and overhead by outsourcing design challenges to an efficient team.

Would your business mind quality deliverables on time?


Our goal is your success.


Where would you like to go from here?

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