The CE and FCC certifications are often one of the most significant risks, especially when it comes to emission and immunity. Every time a company wants to release a new product, it has to test it for compatibility with applicable standards. Not passing the EMC when the product is ready for production can cause significant delays and costs increase in the project. Thus, it is essential to start to take into account emissions and immunity tests since the beginning of the electronic schematic design. Here, at KAFTS, we specialise in designing devices with these risks in mind. We know that even the most expensive CAD tools will not help as much as experience and hours spent in the chambers. We have succeeded in developing many PCBs that have passed the tests the first time, allowing multiple projects to finish on time.


If you have any problems with your project, or you would like to reduce the risk straight since the beginning, you can count on us.

Emission Plot.JPG